The Erasmus+ KA201 project CIRCLE LAB Innovative learning approach for circular chemistry in secondary education aims to the development of teacher training courses and educational tools around the topic of circular economy with a focus on sustainable chemistry; in particular, the platform will offer several digital tools such as videos, games, interactive manuals for the education of the school players (students, teachers, families) with the aim of enhancing pupil's and teachers' awareness on sustainability and circular economy, supporting active citizenship, boosting their transversal skills and their interest in STEAM subjects.

The mail goal of the project is to design a virtual learning corner, defined CIRCLE LAB, focussed on the production of educational materials, videos, games, interactive manuals, links for an innovative training of teachers in the field of chemistry science and circular economy, shared among the countries participating to the project and with systematic dissemination actions in European school networks of undergraduates. The desired impact at local and regional level is that the CIRCLE LAB may become a reference in developing skills for circular chemistry and achieve the highest adhesion and participation by the individuals and organisations involved in each partner's network, in order to offer services and support to learning activities about circular chemistry.

At national level, the desired impact is to involve potential schools and teachers in the field of circular chemistry that can be multiplier actors and contribute to the use of Project results. Finally, at European level, the project will enforce the promotion of circular chemistry and ESD principles and its added value on the environment as well as on the social and economic level.

The project aims to develop four Intellectual Outputs:

Circular Economy Modules (led by Sviluppo Chimica)

This output aims at defining specific educational Modules in the field of Circular Economy for high school students to meet this need for better quality learning material. Partners will consider the existing good practices collected (through EU and non-EU projects) and their previous experience on the topic.

Teacher Training Program (led by CSCI)

A training curriculum will be developed for high school teachers aimed at strengthening teaching professions from Initial Teacher Education (ITE) to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to offer to teachers/educators/tutor some practical methods for create awareness among high school students on circular economy matters, mixing technical contents and motivational and moderation strategies.

Circular Chemistry Game / Educational Toolkit (led by Eco Logic)

Considering also the contents of the training programme, Partners will identify and develop practical tools that teachers can use during learning activities:

An educational game that will allow students to understand about recycling and Circular Chemistry in a fun and entertaining way.

Videos documenting different application of circular chemistry.

Interactive manuals: Step by step guide on how to move towards a greener sustainable economy.

CIRCLE LAB online Environment (led by MDU)

The CIRLCE_LAB online environment will consist of two key components:

  1. The MOOC or free training online platform: the online course for teachers (IO2) offered as a MOOC in order to allow large number of users and to facilitate its transferability and further exploitation. (Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses External link. available for anyone to enrol.)
  2. The Structured ToolKit: It will contain the ToolKit and related guidelines developed in IO3, organized online in a way that it promotes the tools’ association with the CIRCLE_LAB training programme and their interdependence