Project Background

Circular economy could help boost EU GDP by EUR 1.8 trillion by 2030, result in over 1 million new jobs across the EU by 2030, and be central to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and the chemical industry could be at the forefront of this transition by offering innovative solution for a better use of the materials and energy sources. (COM; 2019) However a few challenges are preventing a smooth shift to circular economy, in particular:

  • Lack of awareness about circular economy benefits at social, environmental and business level.
  • Lack of specialized training and education promoting skills necessary to fit in the circular economy model
  • Lack of national policies promoting ESD principles through a multi-sectorial approach
  • Lack of interest in Science and Technology subjects and related career among European students and young people

CIRCLE-LAB, n line with the European lifelong learning approach, is aimed at supporting the initial and continuous professional development of teachers’ profiles through the application of practical and innovative tools in order to promote circular chemistry in secondary schools. The project will consider identified needs & gaps related to circular chemistry education and in particular:

  • lack of a promotion of circular economy principles and ESD core competencies within chemistry education.
  • necessity of promoting and developing digital learning environment.
  • need for a practice-based approach that provides innovative resources and tools


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IO1-Circular Economy Modules

This output aims at defining specific educational Modules in the field of Circular Economy for high school students to meet this need for better quality learning material.

IO2-Teacher Training Program

A training curriculum to offer to teachers/educators/tutor some practical methods for create awareness among high school students on circular economy matters, mixing technical contents and motivational and moderation strategies.

IO3-Circular Chemistry Game

Partners will identify and develop practical tools that teachers can use during learning activities such as educational game, videos, or interactive manuals​.

IO4-CIRCLE LAB online Environment

The CIRLCE_LAB online environment will consist of two key components: The MOOC and the Structured ToolKit.


All the outputs have been displayed on the Circlelab online environment. The website contains a wealth of information about circular chemistry intended for teachers and students. To find out more about how to use the content on this website in your classroom click the link below. There are 6 languages available for this website (English, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Spanish, Swedish)

For Teachers

For teachers

For Students

For students

For teachers

CIRCLE LAB provides education for teachers on circular chemistry. Furthermore, the teachers will learn how to convey the knowledge of circular chemistry to their students.

For students

If you are student, feel free to browse around. In this section you will find the materials primarily targeted at students.


CIRCLE LAB is an innovative learning approach for circular chemistry in secondary education

The project aims to develop teacher training courses and educational tools around the circular economy focusing on sustainable chemistry. CIRCLE LAB will offer digital tools such as videos, games, and interactive manuals for the education of the school players (students, teachers, and families). The goal is to enhance awareness of sustainability and circular economy and support active citizenship. CIRCLE LAB wants to boost the students' and teachers’ abilities and their interest in STEAM subjects.

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